Managed Services

Managed services allow technology-intensive customers to take advantage of a personalized approach to meeting your technology needs.

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Reduce your overall personnel and business costs while improving your infrastructure by using a managed CPU service.

Choosing managed services means being able to focus on value creation projects in your business by delegating to our team of specialists.

Take advantage of a personalized approach tailored to your technology needs.

You will have access to our proactive monitoring and maintenance service in order to reduce potential breakdowns as much as possible and thus minimize the loss of time and the costs associated with them.

The CPU difference

  • Our team

    Experienced team on a wide spectrum of technology allowing end-to-end involvement

  • Our culture

    Culture of partnership with customer, manufacturer and customer support ecosystem

  • Our systems

    Built on quality systems and supported (vs open source)

Our services

  • Connectivity management
    Your network is the heart of your organization. The stability of your network is essential to your operations, we assist you in the planning, selection and deployment of your extended network by including tools that do not only monitor, but also network performance management. A proactive team on the lookout for best practices will know how to support you and maintain network quality that meets your needs and your business performance.
  • Security
    The increase in malicious attacks can only require organizations to put in place a strong security strategy and infrastructure. Manage operational risks, effectively protect critical infrastructure and reduce impacts by being proactive and well-protected. Secure the perimeter, teleworkers (mobile or fixed), devices and users combined with a security operations center allowing proactive actions and meeting compliance requirements.
    To take advantage of cost and flexibility in the office, many organizations have replaced wired technology with wireless technology. Professional wireless can be very complex and difficult to diagnose without the necessary knowledge, tools and skills. Our expertise is well established, our managed services approach confirms that your network is stable, under supervision and under maintenance to be "Always ON".
  • User support
    User support enables increased productivity through automation to help fix PC problems before users notice them. Our support center is available 7/24 with state-of-the-art tools, including remote support, automation, automated tickets, bilingual support, monthly reports.
  • Cloud Solution
    Managed cloud services are services that provide partial or complete management of a customer's cloud computing infrastructure or resources. Management responsibilities can include migration, configuration, optimization, security, and maintenance. We support you in your private or public cloud computing approaches. Depending on your needs, we will design the best solution together.

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