Strategic Sourcing

Simplify the management of your IT assets with our turnkey supply solutions.

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Authorized and certified reseller of the largest manufacturers and manufacturers, CPU offers supply solutions adapted to your needs and objectives. Our procurement service simplifies your purchasing process and standardizes the management of your assets at the most competitive prices on the market. Whether it’s purchasing services for equipment, software, warehousing or delivery, CPU is there to achieve your goals.

The CPU Difference

  • Adapted solutions

    Create innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Flexibility

    A deployment according to your plan

  • Agility

    Delivery according to your deadlines

  • Negotiation

    Offer optimized by our high level of partnership.

Our services

  • Resale of equipment

    The procurement and process of purchasing equipment from suppliers and manufacturers requires specialized skills and resources.

    Thanks to our certifications and certified technical resources, we offer you the right solution based on your needs assessment. The specialists will make sure to understand, analyze and suggest the best technology required, in collaboration with your technical team.

    In addition to meeting your specific needs and recommending the best technology, we will negotiate the offer with the manufacturer to obtain the best price in the industry. The management of the order will be carried out jointly with the distributor and the manufacturer to ensure delivery on time.

    CPU optimizes your supply chain with its turnkey service and can also take charge of the inventory, configuration and deployment of the solution via our technical services.

  • Software reseller

    Authorized for the resale of many computer licenses and software, CPU will guide you through the process of purchasing, renewing and managing licenses.

    Our wide range of products allows us to customize solutions for your industry.

    Flexible and creative, our team ensures that information is retained and that renewals are closely monitored.

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